Registered Nurses’s Services

    Registered Nurses 


In some cases where on- going medical management is needed by clients who have just been discharged home from hospital,or where chronically ill clients e.g diabetics, arthritics, paralyzed e.t.c want to be taken care of at the comfort of their home.

Our Registered Nurses, who are licensed by Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria and are also trained to deliver home care nursing services will be ready to help you or your elderly/sick parent to make life very easy.


These are nurses who have the background knowledge of any medical and surgical conditions our clients might present with.

Condition like:

Hypertension                      Stroke

Parkinson Disease              Diabetes

Multiple Sclerosis             Arthritis

    Cancer                               Dementia

Multiple Sclerosis 

and many others like:

Care of tracheosmomy

Care of Colostomy

Wound Dressing


Either you are planning to return or have just returned from overseas where you had major surgery or you had the surgery in Nigeria, our Registered Nurses are fully prepared to go through the recovery and rehabilitative process with you.

 Their duties includes but not limited to the few mentioned below;

    • Prompt monitoring of clients vital sign.

    • Administration of prescribed medication.

    • Administration of prescribed dose of insulin and other injectable.

    • Companionship

    • Accompanying client to hospital

    • Assisting clients with bed bath,oral care,dressing up,feeding,ambulating e.t.c

    • Proper documentation of care given to clients

    • and many more.

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