Home care nursing service for diabetic foot patient

Home care nursing service for diabetic foot patient

Home care for Diabetic foot.


Diabetes is a disease that stops a person from making enough insulin to control glucose levels. The disease can cause foot problems. Diabetes can cause nerve damage. It also can cause narrowing of the blood vessels in the feet. That is why we care about writing on Home care for diabetic foot.

Without proper care, foot problems can lead to amputation. These problems include: – Foot infections. – Foot ulcers. – Lower extremity infections. – Narrowing of blood vessels. – Nerve damage. – Numbness. Keeping your blood sugar within or close to a normal range can help prevent the foot problems associated with diabetes. Wash your feet daily and wear proper footwear. Exercise helps keep the blood vessels healthy and can prevent foot problems.

Quitting smoking if you smoke can increase blood flow to the feet and help prevent foot problems. If you are a person with diabetes, check your feet for injuries often and see your health care provider regularly.

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